You would think that as an artist I would lean towards Mac for my everyday usage, especially for drawing, web design, and other digital media creativity.  I definitely understand how it’s simple to use, “it just works”, interface is attractive to the Apple congregation.  The thought of just turning the computer on, having everything set up, no tweaks, no confusing settings adjustments, get the task done and get out, is a huge appeal to some.

I, however, love to tweak and fine tune things.  I am a bit of a control freak, and love to have say over as much as I can on the operations of my PC.  So, I am going a little against the grain when it comes to digital media creation, by not using a Mac.  In this area, I do not believe the PC to be inferior in any way.  I am not claiming that one platform is better than the other, a PC is definitely my preference.