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And So It Begins

Thank you for checking out This Help Desk, the creative result of Jake Hendriksen and Jason Rushton (me).  This project has been a while in the making.  We had gone over several ideas on how we might share our talents and ideas with those that may share similar interests, and this web-comic has become that realization.

It is good to be working on this with my good friend.  I am entertained by his writing style and am excited to be able to create a visual representation of his wit.

Please enjoy.






2 responses to “And So It Begins”

  1. Jeanna Dalton Avatar
    Jeanna Dalton

    Hey, followed the link left by my cousin Amy on facebook. AWESOMENESS! Congrats on the comic strip! I’m excited for you guys! Great work too~

  2. Daren Hendriksen Avatar
    Daren Hendriksen

    Long time listener, first time caller…

    I’m so proud, my boys are all grown up. Love the angular features. Look out!

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