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Our Sophomore Effort

My wife hates this one (Mountain Dew is apparently not good for me).  I love it.

I want to say thanks to everyone for their support.  For a week now we’ve had one comic up and a surprising amount of traffic and positive feedback.  I hope we can continue to please and improve.

We should be getting a link up on here, but in the meantime you can become a fan of This Help Desk on Facebook at – please become a fan, we’ll be adding more ‘behind the scenes’ stuff there as time goes on.

You can also follow us on Twitter:  I think that’s enough self promotion for now.

I hope the coming year treats you well.






4 responses to “Our Sophomore Effort”

  1. Kimow Avatar

    LOL. I joke with my friend, who is an computer geek, that he should just have an IV hooked up with Mountain Dew. He drinks so much. Didn’t realize it was more wide spread, thought it was just him. :o)

  2. marji Avatar

    did jc have a party w/o dew? the horror. my geek groupie lust for him may diminish a little if this is true. tell me it’s fiction.

  3. Jake Avatar

    Ha! No, JC did not have a party w/out Mountain Dew. I probably should have warned him that we kinda borrowed his name for a character… Ironically the only character to have a name so far and we haven’t seen him – yet.

  4. Daren Hendriksen Avatar
    Daren Hendriksen

    That makes me wonder, will there be characters based on actual people you know?

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