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I Am Verklempt

As with most debates, the Mac vs. PC debate has moved away from the issues – at least for me.  It is no longer about actual quality of a product, it has boiled down to the fact that I don’t like Mac users.

Of course, after making such a bold (and rude) statement, I have to backpedal a little.

I don’t dislike all Mac users.  One of my great friends (and former roommate) is probably the biggest Mac fan I’ve ever met.  I work with a few people who love Macs and they have valid arguments as to why they prefer them.  My beef is with the very vocal minority who act like their use of a Mac makes them superior human beings.  Particularly if they are the “email and word processing only” crowd.  Congratulations: you just spent $2,000 on a typewriter.

It doesn’t help that, having worked in IT, most of my interactions with Macs have been to fix them when they are broken.  Then, as I am in the process of very painful troubleshooting, the owner of the broken Mac will lavish praise upon it: you know, how it just works… except for now.

I consider it an inevitability, however, that I will one day own a Mac.  Or at least a Hackintosh.  So, someday I may change my tune.  Until then, I don’t find it’s worth the money just to satiate my curiosity (a good friend did buy one to see what the hullabaloo was about, and he regrets it, for what it’s worth).

If you think we’ve got pent up angst about Mac vs. PC, wait till Jason and I get going on iPhone vs. Android (which will be interesting, as he and I are on separate sides of the aisle on that debate).







3 responses to “I Am Verklempt”

  1. roommate Avatar

    Hey, I’m on the interwebs!

  2. Jake Avatar

    Maybe someday I’ll mention you by name as well as title 😛

  3. Sam Avatar

    I couldn’t agree with you more Jake!

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