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Calling In Awesome Is Awesome

I think the idea of “Calling in Awesome” is hilarious.  This is how my mind works.  I can’t help it.  “Calling in Awesome” is so much cooler than “calling in sick”, but I don’t think most bosses would take it as well as JC up there did.  I think the bacon has calming properties.

Oh yeah, meet JC: the only character we have named, but we’ve never put the face with the name within the context of the comic until now.  Who’s he talking to?  I like to think it’s Sideburns Guy.  Yes, he and I are on a first name basis now.

Speaking of sideburns, I have decided my new favorite TV show is Community, a fantastic ensemble show with hilarious bit characters, including the brilliantly ludicrous Starburns (also check out this Tumblr blog dedicated to Starburns).

So, I suppose that’s enough promoting of other people’s work for one day.  Look over there on the right –> you can click on those Facebook and Twitter links to weave us further into your life.






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    i <3 the bacon

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