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I haven’t said much on here lately.  Work & Classes – you know, the usual distractions – have kept me busy.  I have to say, though; In looking at this most recent comic, I’m pretty sure the skinny upside-down guy is Steve Jobs.

Not to give too much away, but we’re getting closer to meeting The Oracle, the whole reason our heroes are on their adventuuuure.  I haven’t seen the finalized look he’ll have yet, so I’m pretty excited to see him come to life.  It’s funny to look back and see these comics we have created, to see them in ‘print’ and realize that there was a point where we didn’t know how the comic would look or even what the characters were going to say.  Some of my favorite works of art – songs, paintings, even films – seem less like a creation of a person and more like something that was plucked, fully formed, from the air.  Working on this comic has reminded me that art is created by mortals, and gives me all the more respect for people who do it well.






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