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Mountain Dew Distortion

Now we arrive to the review of Dew number two – Distortion (rhyming not intentional).  This Dew flavor is more simple to explain and recognize, even without checking the label for the key ingredient.

I almost passed over this one because it looks like a normal Mountain Dew. And quite honestly, I didn’t have high expectations when I noticed what the dominating flavor would be.  You wouldn’t think a lime flavor would go well with Dew.  To my surprise, I found this actually has a pleasant taste.

The flavor reminded me of Stewart’s Key Lime soda, or even a Brazilian lemonade (minus the alcohol).  It was almost difficult to think of what food would go best with this, but I decided upon seafood.  To test this, I requested to have fish on a subsequent night.  And after having my wife roll her eyes at me – confirmation that I am a nerd – I found my Dew instincts were correct.

So, to continue with my new rating system introduced last week, I give give this Dew a 1, out of 4, 12-packs.  Enjoy!






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  1. Lori Avatar

    I’m with Amy…you are a nerd! 🙂

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