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Silent No Longer

I am actually getting ready to get a new phone, and I really do suffer from Tech Paralysis.  Not only about the phones, but even the underlying technology that gets data to my phone.  There was a point where I was considering postponing an upgrade of my phone until I could get a Verizon phone that was 4G capable.  I live in Salt Lake City; who am I kidding?  Salt Lake is not going to get an upgrade to 4G until after the next presidential election.

Tech has always improved over time; and in my lifetime at least, it has improved at an ever increasing rate.  Is there going to be a point where humans can’t handle the speed of progress?  I’ve already read online forums (a frightening cross-section of humanity) where people are naming frequently upgraded handsets as a negative against the Android platform: “I like my progress like I like my lovemaking.  Once a year.”

Rather than expect the improvement of tech to slow down so we can be more comfortable with it, we are just going to have to get used to progress.  Certainly, continue to be informed in your purchases.  Be aware of what is coming down the pike and take that into account, but there’s a time to bite the upgrade bullet.  Embrace the fact that your hardware is better than its predecessors, but don’t worry if something better comes along until you’re good and ready to get something new. Because although every new piece of hardware will be surpassed quicker than we may be comfortable with, an incremental improvement in the latest gadget over previous tech does not make our current hardware obsolete.






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  1. Mac Avatar

    As long as there’s a market for people who always want the latest and greatest, and are willing to pay a premium for it, there will be frequent, perhaps smaller, upgrades available. If there weren’t that market, they’d probably end up designing fewer new models and each would probably have more improvements.

    Personally, I’m completely content to let other people be the early adopters and help get all the kinks worked out before I make my next upgrade.

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