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Well,I did it! I took the plunge and got the Droid X. I am typing this on my phone using Swype.

My initial thoughts about the phone are that it is beautiful and the screen is HUGE. In all honesty, it may be a little too big, even for my hands, which I would like to think are bigger than average. During most uses of the phone, it’s fine, but if I attempt to use it with one hand, I can’t always get to the whole screen with just my thumb. That was a chance I was willing to take, and it hadn’t proved especially problematic.

Man, Swype is awesome! I’m astounded at how good the predictive text is. Even when I mistype, it can usually tell what I was going for.

the speech to text is also really good this paragraph has been entered using speech to text with no modification for me i simply talk the phone listens and types out what i say

Another impressive function is the free turn-by-turn navigation. I went up to a cabin yesterday that was well off the beaten path, and was able to get there quickly and effectively without checking a map beforehand.

More to come later, but I thought I’d give you my first impressions for now.






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