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In Your FaceTime

I’ve been on quite an anti-iPhone streak since the release of iPhone 4.  I didn’t want our most recent comic to be a tear on the iPhone 4, per se, but rather on the sometimes lonely world of an early adopter.  I could actually imagine people Facetiming strangers they meet, just for the chance to use the feature.  Still, some will see this week’s comic as strictly anti-iPhone.  The perils of being an iHater, I suppose…

I’ve seen reviews that have given the iPhone 4 mega props for its front-facing camera, but that have failed to mention that at the time of release, only people with an iPhone 4 could use FaceTime, and then only over a Wi-Fi connection (which our comic fails to mention as well – I like to imagine one of the characters is also carrying an HTC Evo, Steve Wozniak style, and using it as a mobile hot spot).

Still, since I learned that FaceTime is more or less an open standard, I haven’t hated on it as much as I hoped I would get to.  That’s OK.  Apple will do something soon that will infuriate me, and I’ll quickly get over the disappointment of kind of liking FaceTime.






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  1. Remy Avatar

    You only have to use Facetime once with someone you are close too to realize it is a feature you’ll always have to have. For me I’ve talked to my wife, yelled at my boys, and had my youngest talk to grandma. Lucky that my entire family are early adopters.

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